The working teams are formed with great care to suit the best interests of each client.

Welcome note

BRODEC & PARTNERS Ltd. was established at the beginning of 2012 as the result of previous professional collaboration between the current members of our team. Long before the foundation of our firm we consistently advocated quality over quantity and this core value underlies our development plan.

We believe that every law firm should provide legal services consistent with its values both as a collective and with those of its individual members. We know that these values can differ not only from firm to firm but also amongst the lawyers themselves. For us, the most important values are loyalty to the client, professionalism, dedication, teamwork, creative approach to legal problems and continuous professional training.

We do not provide universal legal services because we are aware that regarding the field of our expertise this is not even possible. It is more important to us to provide our clients with the services of the highest quality within the scope of our professional expertise. Moreover, our work is founded upon the experience of our members in working both for leading law firms and esteemed state institutions.

In our legal practice we primarily focus on solving the most complex legal problems and cases. Providing legal services is not, to us, a mere business activity but an opportunity to reconcile excessively theoretical jurisprudence with sometimes exceedingly dynamic legal practice.

One advantage we have over other law firms is the fact that many of our members have close ties with academia, bringing us the most up-to-date knowledge not only of case law and upcoming legislative amendments but also of the overall theoretical trends in the field of our expertise. However, we realise that the client is usually not interested in legal theory but his main interest is to find the best solution to his problem in the most cost effective way. It is just respecting our clients’ interests and wishes that are the leading values which underlie all our service provision.

Although we strive to be innovative and make use of the most up-to-date communication and information technologies when providing our services, we are perfectly aware that today's lawyers must hold tight to the basic rules and principles that have been developed and respected by the generations of lawyers that have gone before. Pre-eminent among these principles are decency, fairness, teamwork, mutual respect and promoting of the saying that law is the ars aequi et boni.

Jan Brodec, managing partner 

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