Logistics and transport constructions

We provide a wide range of services both in the preparation and implementation of major transport line constructions and in related regulatory issues.

We will represent you in proceedings before administrative authorities (building authorities, etc.) as well as in commercial disputes, whether they are disputes with investors, subcontractors or with your business partners (including joint-venture partners).

What we will help you with:

  • Consultancy in the preparation and implementation of transport line constructions

  • Representation in disputes with investors, subcontractors and business partners

Experts in this field

References of one of our clients

We have been cooperating with Brodec & Partners since 2018. Over the years, we've developed a strong relationship. Brodec & Partners provides us with a high level legal support in the field of transport line constructions and litigations. Brodec & Partners also helps us in negotiations with our business partners . They are capable of understanding the specifics of the industry in which we do business, including the specifics arisen from the international scope of our activities.

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