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We offer legal services of the highest quality

We have been active in the market of legal services since 2012. Over the long term we have managed to place among the leading law firms in our chosen fields of expertise.

We offer legal services of the highest quality

We have been active in the market of legal services since 2012. Over the long term we have managed to place among the leading law firms in our chosen fields of expertise.

Fields of our specialization

Corporate law and transactions

  • Setting up a company

  • Preparation of company officers’ contracts

  • Consultancy during general meetings and board meetings

  • Changes to corporate structure, including transfer and sale of shares

  • Merger, acquisition and other fundamental changes to the corporation

  • Support during the winding-up of the company

Contract law

  • Complex legal advice in legal obligations

  • Preparation and review of contractual documents in all legal areas

  • Representation in contractual negotiations

  • Representation in contractual disputes and related legal proceedings

Litigation and arbitration

  • Pre-trial negotiation with business partners

  • Advocacy for domestic and foreign clints in court and arbitration

  • Support during alternative dispute resolution

  • Ensuring the performance of decisions

Public tenders

  • Preparation of procurement documentation

  • Preparation of tender offer

  • Consultancy and support during the whole procurement process

  • Drafting of objections and suggestions in connection to the tender process

  • Representation during contract conclusion or in proceedings before the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition, courts and other bodies

ICT law

  • Preparation of complex contractual documentation for IT services including license contracts

  • Preparation of procurement documentation and tender offer in ICT

  • Protection and defense of rights in court proceedings

Logistics and transport construction

  • Consultancy during the preparation and construction of transport line buildings

  • Representation during disputes with investors, sub-contractors and business partners

Professionals capable of understanding complex legal issues

References of our clients

Without the work of the attorneys from Brodec & Partners, Autodraft would never have gotten so far so quickly. Not only are they staunch defenders of our interests, who have gradually become friends to be relied on without exception, but I have also come to appreciate their business reach more and more. Their foresight. The ability to connect us with people with similar interests and thinking. And that's exactly what quickly opens other doors for us and moves us forward. Thanks for that!

Karel Kovář owner of the Autodraft group

We have been cooperating with Brodec & Partners since 2017. They have helped us to develop services in healthcare and especially in clinical evaluation while complying with local legislation and internationally valid rules. Some services, such as decentralized clinical studies, have recently been developing very dynamically. The abilities of the Brodec & Partners team to learn new things together and to react flexibly and with quality thus represent a competitive advantage. On a general corporate level, I value their long-term perspective on building a company and creating value. Joint evaluation and minimization of legal and commercial risks is now a natural part of our negotiations.

Ing. Radek Špatenka, Ph.D. co-owner of the Clinical Research Center group

Brodec & Partners law firm provides us with legal counsel in the field of European law, public procurement and on-site inspections. We appreciate the expertise, professionalism and commitment with which they provide their legal services.

Ministry of Regional Development, Department of Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Technical Assistance

We support

We recognize the importance of supporting and developing non-profit and charity projects. That is why we have long supported selected activities, both by providing pro bono services as well as financial contributions. You have the opportunity to contribute too.

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  • Corporate law and transactions
  • Contract law
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Public tenders
  • ICT law
  • Logistics and transport construction
  • Real estate and construction projects
  • Insolvency
  • Sports law
  • International private law and international trade law
  • Subsidies and drawing of funds from EU funds
  • Administrative law
  • Other