High expertise and narrow specialization are the key to success

Corporate law and transactions

  • Setting up a company

  • Preparation of company officers’ contracts

  • Consultancy during general meetings and board meetings

  • Changes to corporate structure, including transfer and sale of shares

  • Merger, acquisition and other fundamental changes to the corporation

  • Support during the winding-up of the company

Contract law

  • Complex legal advice in legal obligations

  • Preparation and review of contractual documents in all legal areas

  • Representation in contractual negotiations

  • Representation in contractual disputes and related legal proceedings

Litigation and arbitration

  • Pre-trial negotiation with business partners

  • Advocacy for domestic and foreign clints in court and arbitration

  • Support during alternative dispute resolution

  • Ensuring the performance of decisions

Public tenders

  • Preparation of procurement documentation

  • Preparation of tender offer

  • Consultancy and support during the whole procurement process

  • Drafting of objections and suggestions in connection to the tender process

  • Representation during contract conclusion or in proceedings before the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition, courts and other bodies

ICT law

  • Preparation of complex contractual documentation for IT services including license contracts

  • Preparation of procurement documentation and tender offer in ICT

  • Protection and defense of rights in court proceedings

Logistics and transport construction

  • Consultancy during the preparation and construction of transport line buildings

  • Representation during disputes with investors, sub-contractors and business partners

Real estate and construction projects

  • Acquisition, sale or lease of real estate (drafting, review and negotiation of transaction documentation, proposed structures of transaction)

  • Corporate transactions with real estate

  • Carrying out a legal review of the property

  • Development and construction

  • Consultancy and representation during construction procedures

  • Settlement of property disputes including litigation in construction


  • Preparation of bankruptcy filings and applications for creditors’ claims

  • Representation of clients in incidental disputes and oversight over the actions of insolvency administrators

  • Consultancy regarding further steps after the completion of insolvency proceedings

Sports law

  • Preparation and review of contracts regarding the performance of sporting activities and professional contracts

  • Support during transfers and during the conclusion of sponsorship contracts

  • Establishment and amendments to statutes, regulations and internal rules of sports clubs and associations

  • Representation in national and international arbitration, disciplinary and court proceedings

International private law and international trade law

  • Preparation and review of contracts in civil and business relationships with an international element

  • Consultancy during negotiations of cross-border transactions

  • Representation in cross-border disputes before Czech or foreign courts and arbitral tribunals

Subsidies and drawing of funds from EU funds

  • Consultancy for the providers and recipients of subsidies

  • Extensive experience with many operational programs and subsidy titles

  • Consultancy in all phases of the grant procedure

  • Representation in proceedings before court, administrative authorities and providers of subsidies

Administrative law

  • Complex consultancy in a wide spectrum of administrative procedures

  • Consultancy for administrative bodies and addressees of administrative activities (both for natural and legal persons)

  • Representation in administrative proceedings and in hearings at administrative authorities