Subsidies and drawing of funds from EU funds

We deal with specific legal issues that arise during drawing funds from the so-called European funds under individual operational programmes. We deal with these issues both from the perspective of both European and national law.

We have extensive experience with operational programmes with the largest allocation, such as OP Transport, Integrated Regional OP, OP Technologies and Applications from Competitiveness, but also with smaller and specific OPs, such as OP Technical Assistance.

We also deal with national subsidy titles and the provision of funding, including the assessment from the point of view of public aid law.

What we will help you with:

  • Find your way through the conditions of the subsidies and public aid rules

  • Legal advice at all stages of the process of obtaining subsidies

  • Representation in proceedings before courts, administrative authorities and subsidy providers

Experts in this field

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Brodec & Partners law firm provides us with legal counsel in the field of European law, public procurement and on-site inspections. We appreciate the expertise, professionalism and commitment with which they provide their legal services.

Ministry of Regional Development, Department of the Managing Authority of Operational Programme Technical Assistance

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